Augustine Acts of Kindness. Every month we surprise a new recipient with an act of kindness. Helping those in the community that could do with a helping hand. Selected from nominations sent in by our very own customers. If you would like to nominate someone for an Augustine Act of Kindness, please email us on Spread love and kindness.


Trish wanted to take her adopted son Zac back to his homeland of Vanuatu to see his family, before Trish's own health meant she couldn't travel with him. 


The group is called Shocking Pink and they are made up of incredibly strong brave women that have cancer and are under the age of 45. Each year they meet up at a retreat to have fun, laugh together and make new friends who understand what they are going through.


Maria is left to raise her two young daughters on her own, and is going back to relief teaching to pay the bills. Her friend asked if we would send her a garment to wear in her new job, to make her smile. We decided to do better than that and have set Maria up with $2000 to spend in our NewMarket boutique. That way Maria can have her wardrobe sorted for her new job and have a fabulous shopping spree to make her smile in such a tough time


Our October recipient was a little different, we don’t usually gift to existing charities, but just this time we have to the Women’s Refuge in Waikato. It’s such a needy charity and we sent them 5 big boxes of clothing (over 100 pieces). So any ladies that need to use their safe houses and come in with only the clothes on their backs, can have some pretty and colourful clothes to wear for free.


Grace suffered an encephalitis in 2012 and has been left unable to walk, talk, sit or stand. Her mind is still sharp though and she communicates through an iPad. We were told by a close friend of Graces that her iPad had died and she had no way of communicating. So for our November act of kindness we bought Grace a brand new speciality iPad so she is back up and running and able to communicate. And naturally we gave her mum a pile of new Augustine clothes to put a smile on her face too after an incredibly difficult time. 


Our December Angels were 50 lucky ladies who received gifts from their angels. After heaps of nominations, we choose 50 ladies to be angels to another 50 ladies and they gave them a wee gift pack from Augustine. To share the gift of giving was the perfect way to round off our Angels for 2017.


Heidi was nominated by a dear friend as she has had a very rough time of late. Heidi is going through treatment for breast cancer, aswell as dealing with treatment for a nasty side effect of an infection. She is the mother of 3 boys, one of which is autistic and the other teenage boy is going blind. Her life was in desperate need of a pick me up, so we surprised her with an act of kindness. We gifted Heidi a $1000 new Augustine wardrobe, bought he a $200 restaurant voucher, paid for her to get her hair done and enjoy a fun night out with her husband. We hope this little act of kindness will bring a little sunshine to Heidi's difficult situation.

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