Mrs Pretty

A collection of addition pieces to pair back with your printed wardrobes. Mrs Pretty is the perfect tassel addition to your outfit and seasonally makes great gifts. Add a splash of colour to your day. Read more...


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Tassel Necklace Cerise Pink Quick view
Tassel Necklace Cerise Pink Mrs Pretty 43797 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Light Pink Quick view
Tassel Necklace Light Pink Mrs Pretty 43798 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Yellow Quick view
Tassel Necklace Yellow Mrs Pretty 43799 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Orange Quick view
Tassel Necklace Orange Mrs Pretty 43800 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Pale Blue Quick view
Tassel Necklace Pale Blue Mrs Pretty 43801 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Black Quick view
Tassel Necklace Black Mrs Pretty 43802 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Metallic Quick view
Tassel Necklace Metallic Mrs Pretty 43803 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Red/Purple Quick view
Tassel Necklace Red/Purple Mrs Pretty 43804 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Wood/Pink Quick view
Tassel Necklace Wood/Pink Mrs Pretty 43805 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Wood/Blue Quick view
Tassel Necklace Wood/Blue Mrs Pretty 43806 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Wood/Cream Quick view
Tassel Necklace Wood/Cream Mrs Pretty 43807 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Gold/Cream/Turquoise Quick view
Tassel Necklace Gold/Cream/Turquoise Mrs Pretty 43808 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Wood/Yellow Quick view
Tassel Necklace Wood/Yellow Mrs Pretty 43809 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Lava/Black/Blue Quick view
Tassel Necklace Lava/Black/Blue Mrs Pretty 43810 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Sage/Black Quick view
Tassel Necklace Sage/Black Mrs Pretty 43811 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Navy Quick view
Tassel Necklace Navy Mrs Pretty 43812 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Marble/Baby Blue Quick view
Tassel Necklace Marble/Baby Blue Mrs Pretty 43813 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Navy/Black Quick view
Tassel Necklace Navy/Black Mrs Pretty 43814 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Navy/Baby Pink Quick view
Tassel Necklace Navy/Baby Pink Mrs Pretty 43815 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Baby Pink Quick view
Tassel Necklace Baby Pink Mrs Pretty 43816 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Clear/Pink/Marble Quick view
Tassel Necklace Clear/Pink/Marble Mrs Pretty 43817 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Multi Colour Quick view
Tassel Necklace Multi Colour Mrs Pretty 43819 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Tassel Necklace Marble/Black Quick view
Tassel Necklace Marble/Black Mrs Pretty 43818 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Venice Necklace Quick view
Venice Necklace Mrs Pretty 344141 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Juliet Necklace Quick view
Juliet Necklace Mrs Pretty 344137 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Lagoon Necklace Quick view
Lagoon Necklace Mrs Pretty 344139 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
St Marks Necklace Quick view
St Marks Necklace Mrs Pretty 344140 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Sunset Necklace Quick view
Sunset Necklace Mrs Pretty 344144 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Pom Pom Keyring Green & Blue Quick view
Pom Pom Keyring Green & Blue Mrs Pretty 324047 product.product_type $29.00 NZD
Grove 3 piece bracelet Black & Pink Quick view
Grove 3 piece bracelet Black & Pink Mrs Pretty 324045 product.product_type $29.00 NZD
Majestic Watermelon Necklace Quick view
Majestic Watermelon Necklace Mrs Pretty 324041 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
TearDrop Shade Necklace Quick view
TearDrop Shade Necklace Mrs Pretty 324040 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Stormcloud Necklace Quick view
Stormcloud Necklace Mrs Pretty 324039 product.product_type $59.00 NZD
Avatar Grey Necklace Quick view
Avatar Grey Necklace Mrs Pretty 324038 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Sunset Island Necklace Quick view
Sunset Island Necklace Mrs Pretty 324037 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Treasure Fluro Yellow Wooden Necklace Quick view
Treasure Fluro Yellow Wooden Necklace Mrs Pretty 324036 product.product_type $49.00 NZD
Jungle Flower Necklace Quick view
Jungle Flower Necklace Mrs Pretty 324034 product.product_type $59.00 NZD
Headscarf- Dragon Yellow Fire Quick view
Headscarf- Dragon Yellow Fire Mrs Pretty 22719 product.product_type $39.00 NZD
Headscarf - Mustard Paisley Floral Quick view
Headscarf - Mustard Paisley Floral Mrs Pretty 21674 product.product_type $39.00 NZD
Headscarf-Dragon Green Floral Quick view
Headscarf-Dragon Green Floral Mrs Pretty 22348 product.product_type $39.00 NZD
Headscarf- Dragon Blue Floral Quick view
Headscarf- Dragon Blue Floral Mrs Pretty 22345 product.product_type $39.00 NZD
Headscarf- Golden Feather Quick view
Headscarf- Golden Feather Mrs Pretty 22344 product.product_type $39.00 NZD
Headscarf - Dragon Orange Fire Quick view
Headscarf - Dragon Orange Fire Mrs Pretty 22342 product.product_type $39.00 NZD