Mummys In Need


This is a story that will touch your heart and we want it to, because we want your help, so together we can make a real difference.

This is a photo of Nathan and I with an incredible young woman named Tayla, a young woman that is single handedly trying to help mums and kids in need. Helping families that have nothing, that have come into hardship or come out of horrible situations, women that may be in a home raising a baby without even a nappy to put on them. Young mums that have had a baby due to rape and now need to raise that baby with nothing to their name, families that have taken in extra kids and don’t have a carseatto put them in, mums that have 3 kids but can only afford to feed but not clothe them, Mummysin Need, and there are thousands of them in NZ, thousands that Tayla is helping every single day.

I first met Tayla at an Augustine dinner a few years ago when she was just a teenager, with her mum who is a customer of ours and they told me about what Tayla does, what this incredible young woman was trying to achieve. It's an incredible thing to give up a future in law to start your own charity, to decide you will dedicate your life to helping others instead of yourself, as a teenager to decide you want to help save mums in need is incredible. 

A few years on from our meeting Tayla now has a small warehouse where she takes in donations from the community or other businesses and distributes them out to families in need. These families have all been passed to her from agencies such as WINZ, NZ Police, Women's Refuge etc and highlighted as mums in need that Tayla can help. She finds out exactly what they need and she packages up parcels for them and sends them out. If the baby doesn't have a cot or a carseat Tayla will find one for them, if they have no clothes Tayla will package up a box of clothes in their size and some toys as well. She sends out up to 600 packs of nappies a month, she sends out bedding, baby food, high chairs, baby bottles, hygiene packs, clothing and so much else, all donated to her to help up to 300 children a month This is a young 21 year old girl, with a warehouse, a mum helping and some incredible volunteers that give up to 15 hrs a week each to the charity, one young lady making this massive massive impact in our community, our country. 300 kids helped in a month is 3600 a year. One young lady, helping 3600 kids. A charity that she takes no money from herself, a charity that doesn't get government funding, a charity that is in such high demand she can't keep up. There are so many mums and kids in need the stories would break your heart.  

Nathan and I were blown away by Tayla, she is mature beyond her years and her pure desire to help those in need is inspirational. She is bright and compassionate and wants to go above and beyond to help complete strangers, helping womenhas become her life and she is barely a woman herself. 

So how can you help?? What can you do to help Tayla right now?

Well she has given us a list of things that the charity is always short of. There are also services that Tayla pays monthly bills for that we would love to get paid for her, so that even more money can go to the kids. 

This is a list that Tayla has given us of products she is always short on, if you know anyone that works with or owns companies that make these products we would love to hear from you....

  • Baby hygiene items- baby wash/shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Men's hygiene products-shavers, deodorant, soap etc
  • Nappies 600 packs monthly
  • Baby formula-all stages 
  • Carseats are often a big one - these are hard to source second hand.
  • Women's products like deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap etc
  • Kids toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Older kids school supplies - drink bottles, school bags, lunch boxes etc
  • Mattress protectors for bassinets and cots 
  • Prams 
  • Bassinets
  • Power/internet $400 per month
  • Petrol for deliveries $500 per month
  • Insurances $300 per month
  • Phones $150 per month
  • Supermarket vouchers for families with extensive situations.

Tayla takes nothing, she is paid by a donor and the warehouse is rent free, there are no big corporate salaries or overheads that need to be covered, it'sfull disclosure and whatever $$ you put in will directly help kids. So refreshing after hearing of the big salaries that a lot of charity CEOs are on. The impact of even $10 from you would make a difference here. 

Here is a 'give a little' page we have set up with Tayla so you can donate directly to her, and we will also be donatingfrom every sale on our website if you select the 'donate' button. Each month we will get an update from Tayla which we will share with you where our $$$$ have been spent for the month which is AMAZING!!!