How tall are the models in the wardrobe?

173cm / 5 '8


Are there different sizes for top and bottoms?

Not at this stage, select your closest model size and before you purchase the chosen garments you can select the specific sizes of the garments.


How long does it take to receive the outfits back from the stylist?

Up to 5 working days. While waiting you can continue to create your own looks in our Augustine Wardrobe!


How do I login / get started?

Click the wardrobe icon on the top right corner. You will need to create an account or login to get started. Then follow the easy steps to enter your size, shoe size & select your model from our gallery of avatars then you are ready to login.


How do I add garments into my wardrobe?

Browse via our categories and easily add your desired dresses, shoes, bags, tops etc to your wardrobe by clicking the wardrobe icon. These products will be saved into your wardrobe ready for you to mix and match and style your way.


How do I start using my wardrobe?

The icons in the tool bar on the top right allow you to easily move between & find your saved tops, skirts, pants, tops, dresses, jackets & accessories. You can 'browse more' of each category and simply add new products into your wardrobe. No need to imagine, you can now create head to toe looks by the click of a button. Add, remove, layer, mix & match.


How do I remove looks from my avatar?

Down the right hand side can either find the garment and click 'remove from outfit' or click the hotspot on the model and click the 'rubbish bin icon' or you can bump the garments off by adding a different garment.


Saved looks / tags:

Click 'Save outfit' below the avatar. Choose which tag you would like to put it into for organising your looks. You can 'view saved outfits' to check out all of your outfits.


How do I change the background?

On the left hand side inside the wardrobe click the 'image' icon and here you will find the gallery of backgrounds to choose from.


How do I change my model profile?

Inside the wardrobe see the menu bar above. Click 'profile' here you can change size & avatar easily. Click 'save' to get back to the wardrobe.


How do I purchase my outfit on my model?

Below your model within the wardrobe there is a button called 'buy full outfit' click this, it will then allow you to check your sizes and add to cart. So easy!


How do I view my saved looks?

Inside the wardrobe see the menu bar above. Click 'saved outfits' which is where all of your saved outfits will be sitting.


How do I share my looks with friends?

Desktop: Inside the wardrobe on the left hand side you can download by clicking the arrow then you can email & share to facebook yourself. Find your image in your downloads.

Mobile: Inside the wardrobe on the left hand side click the bottom icon - here you can easily share via text, email, facebook and instagram!


How does my wishlist work?

Inside the wardrobe on the right hand side of the wardrobe you can also try on products that have been saved into your wishlist.


How does previously purchased work?

Moving forward after the wardrobe launched you can then try on your previously purchased which is found on the right hand side under 'previously purchased'. Such a cool function to be able to create wardrobes with newly launched pieces and pieces you already own!


What is 'recommendations'?

Inside the wardrobe down the right hand side under recommendations is where you can find suggestions of products that have been recently purchased together to help suggest products and styles.